Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I Wore To Work

It's been a looooooong time since I posted "What I Wore To Work" outfit photos...finally I'm doing it again today! Yayyy! This time I had enough time to snap some pics before leaving for office, unlike most of the times when I'm such in a rush...;p




Proud Parents cut-out shirt, vintage mesh top, Zara trousers, Antyk Butyk necklace, Up wedges

Me: "I reaaaaaally feel like having Tom Yum today...where should we eat?"

S: "Hmmmm let's try Sour Sally. Tom Yum is sour, right?

Btw, do you guys know the Muslim-wear brand, Shafira? You can get 50% discount Shafira vouchers here! Totally worth it, guys...:) I'm so gonna get these vouchers for Eid, especially because their newest collection uses tenun...I love tenun! Yay! :)