Monday, August 8, 2011

Forget Me Not (John Derian Inspired) Reminder Tray

You might remember this little mail & display center I added to our hallway last year but I still needed some kind of tray or dish to catch those items that I am always misplacing! So when I stumbled onto some gorgeous decoupaged plates from John Derian while shopping and thought I should give my own version a try to serve that purpose.

This is hardly a new idea but this particular project was one of the easiest DIY projects I've ever done so I just had to share. I'm tempted to make an entire wall of them or make some variations as gifts but this version will do for now.

JohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (3 of 16).jpg

If there is one thing that I'm not, its organized. So if I can work in some reminders for myself into decor, that is always a welcome addition. I designed the plate with an image of the brain from Gray's Anatomy and got to work.

JohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (1 of 16).jpg

I printed the image on an inkjet knowing it would get a bit faded and cloudy from the water and glue. (Using a laser printer would avoid this issue.)

JohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (2 of 16).jpgJohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (9 of 16).jpgJohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (11 of 16).jpgJohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (10 of 16).jpg

After watering down my modpodge (2 parts glue, 1 part water), I spread it on the back of my plate. Then a very quick dunk in a water bath for the image, before turnning it face down on the back of the glass.

JohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (12 of 16).jpgJohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (16 of 16).jpg

Using wet hands, push all of the airbubbles out of the paper. The objective is to get the paper and glass in complete contact. You'll probably have a few imperfections in terms of paper creases but don't worry about it. Perfection isn't the goal. Then let air dry.

JohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (14 of 16).jpg

I thought I would need a coat of paint on the bottom of the plate but that doesn't really seem necessary. I may add a layer of shellac or sealer at some point but its pretty well glued on there now.

JohnDerianInspriedGlassPlatebyBrooklynLimestone (15 of 16).jpg

Voila! I also made one with a laser printed black and white image (a paris opera house postcard from the Graphics Fairy) just so you can compare the crispness of the laser to the inkjet.

What do you think? Have you decoupaged with good results?

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