Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Am I crazy about navy? or just crazy?

So in typical fashion, I've become mentally obsessed with our shore bedroom. It's been in its blah state for more than 5 years so I want to make sure next summer I have our retreat complete. Now that I have a smart goldfish presiding over the space (great idea to the commenter who suggested I name it. Any clever monikers in mind?), the rest of the room has to take shape.


I've been back and forth with the idea of repainting. I reallly don't want to paint - its boring and messy work that I'm not particularily skilled at - so why am I torturing myself? The color on the walls is not offensive and serves to make it nice and bright and airy. But I've been tinkering with this idea of going in a whole new direction and painting the walls a rich dark blue - almost black but not quite. Am I completely crazy?

Crazy about Navy

1. Lonny via Decor Pad 2. Unknown source via Houzz

3. LA Times via Hooked on Houses 4. Phoebe Howard via Zesty Nest

In a different space, I would have just gone for it but there are some elements in here giving me pause. First, there isn't any lovely chuny molding or architectural detail to break up the blue. The room isn't overly large. It faces north so it doesn't bright sunshine. In other words, those are a lot of strikes against.

So who wants to talk me out of it? or into a better alternative?