Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Taste the Rainbow Cake

Confession: I'm not a whizz in the kitchen. Im not terrible - I know the basics and sometimes I'll make something really yummy (case in point, banoffee pie)- I just don't love to cook so its rare I ask for a recipe. But this weekend we celebrated my godson's fourth birthday and our friend made a cake to go with the art themed party.

2011DSC_1324Giancarlos 4th Birthday Party.jpg

Now if you make the blog rounds like I do, you've probably seen a version of this cake before so it might not excite you. Let me just say that this is one of the best cakes I've ever tasted. And its looks just as joyful in person as it does in the photos. So naturally I had to get the recipe.

2011DSC_1322Giancarlos 4th Birthday Party.jpg2011DSC_1333Giancarlos 4th Birthday Party.jpg

I even made up a little recipe card for you to print! Sure, its totally a cheat because its not really from my kitchen but it will be one day when I make it myself. Enjoy!

Rainbow Layer Cake Recipe

Other great rainbow cakes can be found at Whisk Kid and 17&Baking. And if you don't want to bother with scratch, a boxed mixed version can be found at Tasty Kitchen.