Monday, June 13, 2011

Favorite Spot: Grand Central

While I get a lot of questions about what to see and do in Brooklyn (so often I even made a guide to brooklyn download) , I'll occassionally get the same question about what to do in our more packed sister borough of Manhattan. The answer depends on the visitor but I always suggest making a proper visit to one of my favorite spots in the city, Grand Central Terminal.

2011DSC_0119Grand Central Terminal, New York City.jpg

For those that haven't made it there (or have and just raced through it like so many commuters do everyday) here is a mini tour.

2011DSC_0122Grand Central Terminal, New York City.jpg2011DSC_0124Grand Central Terminal, New York City.jpg

Aside from being a stunningly beautiful site with some impressive history, Grand Central is an active hub for rails in and out of the city. There is always a sea of people coming and going which is part of its charm.

2011DSC_0127Grand Central Terminal, New York City.jpg

There is a lot to love in here but I'm most besotted with the light fixtures. (Yea, big shock coming from a home decor junkie, right?) Each one has a special beauty.

2011DSC_0130Grand Central Terminal, New York City.jpg2011DSC_0134Grand Central Terminal, New York City.jpg
2011DSC_0156Grand Central Terminal, New York City.jpg2011DSC_0158Grand Central Terminal, New York City.jpg2011DSC_0132Grand Central Terminal, New York City.jpg

And then there is the amazing ceiling featuring a zodiac constellation mural accented with lights (now fiber optic but used to be regular old bulbs that workers had to climb up and replace often).

2011DSC_0136Grand Central Terminal, New York City.jpg2011DSC_0138Grand Central Terminal, New York City.jpg2011DSC_0144Grand Central Terminal, New York City.jpg
2011DSC_0167Grand Central Terminal, New York City.jpg

And more! Underneath all this is a dining concourse that has some of the best eats in the city including Murray's Cheeses and Juniors Cheesecake. Off to the side of the main room is some great little shops and during the holidays there is a special holiday market set up as well.

I even stopped here on my wedding day to meet my husband before the ceremony and cried tears of joy on the steps. See why I can't get enough of Grand Central?