Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dee's Dogs Again

We recently went to the medical center area to look for a vendor that Dr. Edwards had mentioned. He had commented about the "hot dog guy" near Cooper Green Hospital. Well, we really tried to find this guy but he was nowhere around. This led to plan B which was a revisit to Dee's Dogs at the corner of 20th Street and 7th Avenue South. You can read about out previous visit here.

When we arrived for this visit I was impressed that we had to wait in a long line. She was doing a great business. When we finally worked our way to the front of the line I remembered hearing an order from a regular customer when we were there before. He always got a dog with mustard and relish. I thought it sounded good so I included it in my order along with a chili cheese dog.

Dee remembered us from our previous visit. People sometime don't give enough credit to others regarding their ability to remember people. For over 30 years Brenda and I worked together. She would often tell me; "___ called but wouldn't leave a message". Dee like Brenda remembers her customers. Good for her, she's paying attention.

Our visit was on one of these very pleasant Spring days (a couple of weeks ago before the heat hit town) that makes being outside a pleasure. We were able to walk less than half a block down the street to a little seating area where we ate in the shade. Dee's continues to please. She serves a great hot dog, one of the best. I thought both dogs were great. The big return crowd indicates that I am not alone in my appreciation for Dee's.

Dining at Dee's is a really fun experience. Combined with the quality it makes a great lunch time stop.