Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wwe Wrestlemania 27 Results

Now that the show more, you will start with the latest results of a quick and dirty:

Dark match: Sheamus for Daniel Bryan for the title of the United States in Sheamus woodcutter turned back in a non-title battle royal won by The Great Khali.

1. Defeated Edge (w / Christian) Alberto Del Rio (w / Brodus mud) to keep the title after the spear: the world championship heavyweight.

2. Cody Rhodes defeated Rey Mysterio after injuring his knee, with an arch of Rhodes and the use of the Cross.

3. Defeated Kane and Big Show, Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston Corre display when Slater pinned Heath after a knockout blow giant, which was preceded by Cobra.

4. Randy Orton defeated CM Punk face clothesline before starting to RKO in the mid-air.

5. Beat Michael Cole Jerry Lawler's decision to reverse the disqualification of Austin payment Cole after the original decision Lawlor win with an ankle lock submission: special provision "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

6. The Undertaker defeated Triple H to submit with the gate of hell after he was banned from using a sledgehammer.

7. Defeated Trish Stratus, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, and John Morrison LayCool and Dolf Ziggler (w / Vickie Guerrero) pinned Snooki when eaten with handspring first.

8. John Cena won by pinfall after the spot hit rock bottom with Sina. The decision to double the original countout Sina spot after an appeal by a barrier and one to the other on the ground, but the opposite rock. And attacked the spot after the match. Left and ended the show with the rock that formed on the second rope while they were barely a minute or so from the time of the satellite.

After the jump, and you can check my liveblog of the show is written, as happened with a lot of details more information about each match.