Monday, April 4, 2011

The Kennedys Miniseries

"Al Kennedy" series attracts a large number of viewers to the channel that probably do not have the speed dial - ReelzChannel. Reelz but after the project was abruptly canned by the History Channel, will be able to pick up! Why are you in tune? Here are 5 reasons.

1. To see what all the fuss was about.
Kennedy family apparently did not like how he portrayed their families in the series, and even withdrew approval of the air and having it on the History Channel. Why? Tune in to see!

2. Katie Holmes
Perhaps this is a dream come true role for Katie Holmes. From Dawson Creek to play as one of the most fascinating personalities in America and the beloved is a very stretch. And I knew it would be difficult as saying in an interview that "overwhelming because it is such a symbol."

3. Greg Kinnear
Kinnear as a Kennedy? Interesting. How does it do? More importantly, it can be used to tone?

4. Style
One thing about Kennedy, they had style. Only a visual stand point, it'll be more likely to treat for the eyes.

5. History
It's the preliminary large (albeit dramatic and also said Huff post "white washed"), about the life and times of John F. Kennedy and Jackie O.. Often considered to be closer to the kings we have here in the United States. And even decades later, after you have passed both, it still lights.

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