Friday, April 1, 2011


When he asked me to cover "Foxy" Journey of the press, sort, and a question and answer, and I had to think twice. I'm not a gal that lines up with the latest deals and the horror film in the paranormal. Add to that the writer and director is one of the franchise, "Saw" and I stopped for a longer period. I did not know that "Sly" would be a significant departure from the series of bloody "Saw." Over the past three days, I was able to interview director James Wan, writer Lee Whannell, and actors Barbara Hershey and Lin Shaye.
Look and feel of the movie is a big budget, so it was a shock to learn from, and that the budget came in around "$ 800,000 have been killed over the course of 22 days." And Whannell and really wanted to keep the "cunning" small because they felt like having too many fingerprints on the final film, "Dead Silence." In order to keep the studio interference, was keen to do an independent movie correctly. Even "cut the movie in his bedroom on a Mac using Final Cut Pro." I'm not sure how much more indie you can get after I heard this.
Ages tend to get horror films it deserves, although far from perfect, and saw, in 2004 alarming modest budget of the Australian team of the writer and director Lee Whannell and James, I felt a horror film in which the right moment. Despite bleak is not satisfied and set for long periods in one room, the saw to move forward to become a great success improbably, spawning many consequences and help to identify a schedule of films related to both resonant maliciously (such as down Eli Roth), and just bad (everything almost last). Coarsely, if not entirely accurate, labeled "torture porn", and focused on the ends of the pattern of mental disorders and physical human body can endure. This was a horror style is perfect for a decade that broke a public consensus on the ethics of torture as a national policy. Torture porn exploited in fear behind the things that we allow happens in the corners of a dark room in the interest of national security may be one day we visited back.