Friday, April 1, 2011


Lucas is in town! So happppyyyyyyyyyyyy!! :)

P.A.N.G dress, Forever 21 faux fur coat, Accessorize by Monsoon heart necklace (available at Metro Department Store), Topshop socks, Up wedges

Meet Lucas...a very good friend, a classmate back in Malaysia, and apparently the man behind my blog! Lucas was the one who convinced me to have a blog, and he was actually the one who registered and set up my blog for me...legendary! Hot Chocolate & Mint exists because of you, bro...:D

Took him for a yummy lunch at Roemah Rempah, Plaza Senayan...:)

So sad that he's heading back to Malaysia already tomorrow...see you some other time and hopefully soon, Lucas! :)

Met Reni at Kopitiam Oey, Tebet for supper afterwards...I love this girl...:)

Happy! :)

PS: Now gotta read 444 answers from the "What's Your Most Favorite Song Of All Time And Why?" quiz and select 2 winners...woah! Thank you so much for participating, all! :)