Monday, March 14, 2011

Worldly Sofa Table from Old Sideboard

I've spent dribs of the last few weekends working on that vintage sideboard I bought to use as a sofa table and I'm finally ready to reveal what I did with it.

There was a lot of major damage to the top of it so I sanded that down to the bare wood. The rest of the piece got a light sand - just enough to give the paint something to grip. Then I washed it all down with a mix of water and TSP (a degreaser).


After a bit of waffling, I decided to just go ahead and paint it Martha Stewart Plumage because a) I liked the color and b) I had nearly a full quart of it at hand. I can always repaint it if I tire of the shade but I've been really digging teal lately so I jumped in. On it went. (No, I didn't prime. Maybe I should have but I figured I could get away without it.)


For the very observant you will notice Im painting right in my living room over a nest of old newspaper. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.


It was looking good but I wanted to add a little more. A little gold paint would help tie it to some of the other metallic elements in the room. Out came the overhead projecter to help me draw a world map on the top.


Turns out I couldn't quite fit the whole world on there but you get the picture. Not navigation ready but I think it adds a fun texture to the piece. If I have somehow missed your hometown island or misrepresented your favorite peninsula, I am truly sorry.


The final touches were a little gold to the legs and a very thin coat on the hardware to bring out some shine. It still needs a top coat but I'm waiting for the whole thing to cure before I touch it again.



I'm loving the color and how it turned out but clearly I need to add this shade of blue into other parts of the room. Anyone have any fabric recommendations that has some of this shade in it? I'm having a hard time finding some.


Lots more to do in here before I feel its 'complete; but for now I'm feeling accomplished. What do you think?