Friday, March 25, 2011

Steal this Idea: DIY Striped Bench

Its Friday (yippee!) - time for another Steal this Idea* feature - a tiny show of appreciation for a well executed tutorial. Today's feature comes from the clever duo of Carrie & Angie behind 221 Vision.

Carrie started with inspiration from the Ballard Design catalog and a pile o' stuff...

...invested 2 hours and made this perfect piece for a hallway, the end of a bed, a dining room or any place you need a little sit.

Impressive, right? I would have never guessed that was completely homemade. I'm also pretty wow'd that it only took her 2 hours. Go on and check out the full how-to on this and other projects at 221 Vision

*When I say steal, I really mean borrow nicely and give proper credit!
**If you have an idea/tutorial you would like me to consider for a feature, email me. I'd love to see!