Monday, March 21, 2011

Shore files: Kitchen sprucing underway.

Last week I was lucky enough to have a few free days and a brother willing to help me out so off we went to the shore to work a little more on the kitchen. This time it was personal!

In case you've missed my prior posts on the subject, I really do not like this room at all. We are going to renovate it eventually but we are not ready to lay out the dough or deal with the aggravation of a major reno right now (post traumatic stress from our limestone renovation? maybe.) But I couldn't spend another year without doing SOMETHING to make it more tolerable. A few weeks ago I painted the countertops with good results. Its nothing like new counters of course but it only cost $20, required no demolition or measuring and took just a couple of hours. Now it was on to the cabinets.

here is how it looked, click here for the true before photo

After hemming and hawing over the color I finally settled on white uppers and navy blue lowers. Off I went to the paint store and bought some regular old semi gloss (a quart in each).

Before we cracked open the paint, we prepped. It started off on the right foot - first the hardware came off, then the doors all came down. We sanded down each door with some med grit sandpaper and used woodfiller to cover the hardware holes. Left that to dry before sanding down as smooth as possible. You with me?


And its at this point we made a grave error. You'll notice in the fourth photo that I went straight to the paint after the woodfiller step. I didn't prime. Why didn't I prime? I don't know. The moon was almost full? I was high on glue? Whatever the reason, what was done was done and we plowed on.

We realized pretty quickly that priming would have been a good idea because the white paint didn't cover well at all. (The blue for the bottom wasn't as big of a deal) We did A LOT of coats. I lost count after the fifth. So the whole thing took a lot longer than it should have since each coat required a drying period before we could move on. In other words, there was a whole lotta waiting going on.

That gave us some time to work on a few other things. Remember this lovely custom light fixture that the talented Jeremy Pickett created for me? We were able to get to that and it totally transformed the room!

So you want to see the reveal? Patience! More on the shore kitchen coming up this week. I hope you'll swing by to see it.