Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shore files: Gallery Wall Unveiled

Picking up from this post, let's get going on the gallery wall. Out to the hardware store to get a decent level and pick up a boatload of those command picture hanging thingies (you know I have an aversion to putting holes in my walls, right?)

2011DSC_0194-2gallery wall, shore living room.jpg2011DSC_0202-2.jpg

I laid out the photos as I wanted to hang them and then got to work taping them to the mattes and finishing off the picture frames*. After much mental futzing, hemming and hawing, I decided to change the original configuration a bit to make all of the photos vertical. After that there was no more putting it off, on the wall they had to go. I put the first one up...


After the first one was set, everything got spaced out around that one. I called in the hubs for reinforcements when I needed another eye or set of arms but this was mostly a one woman job. And it took forever. Maybe I was just being too particular but I was wrapped up in this for most of the day. I'll spare you the play by play and show you the magic of tv version.

Finally, it was done. I'm totally happy with it - so happy I did it.


It really brings a balance to that side of the room that was totally missing before. Yes, the tv is still a giant black box but it gives the eye somewhere else to rest, makes for conversation and incorporates lots of happy memories of our travels in the room.


You might also notice I swapped out those awful white plastic blinds with some matchsticks in here. They were cheapies from Home Depot and I totally got what I paid for - complete junk - broken, missing hardware, mismatched, crooked. So annoying! But they are better than the plastic for now.


This room still isn't done - I have a few more projects to get to before I feel its there - but I'm feeling so much more pleased with how it looks now. At least its ready for summer!

*For those of you shopping for your own frames, use discount code WALL20 for a 20% discount until April 15 at Im so crushing on this silver bamboo frame right now!