Monday, March 28, 2011

Shore Files: Gallery Wall Underway

So remember that gallery wall I finally decided to go ahead with? Well last week the frames arrived!

2011PictureframesPicture Frames.jpg

After a bit of searching and several recommendations from twitter, I contact the people over at Picture Frames to help. (I just love when businesses are on twitter - makes you feel less like a number.) After a few messages back and forth, they helped me narrow down the choices with a few different suggestions on what might work. In the end I picked a simple thin frame with a vgrooved matte. Hooray for customization! A couple of days later, two big boxes were waiting for me to get started.

2011DSC_0200.jpg 2011DSC_0207.jpg2011DSC_0204.jpg

It did require a bit of time to put together (the frames require assembly and the mattes and glass come packaged seperately) but a few hours later they were ready for the main event. In the meantime, I had to quickly decide what photos to use on the wall. After deciding all black and white, I picked my favs. Here were some of my choices.

Once I had all of the pieces ready to go, it was time for me to get cracking on getting them on the wall. Naturally I didn't have what I needed to get started. Off I go to the hardware store for some supplies...