Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The making of a light fixture.

You might be tired about reading about the shore kitchen by now but I wanted to answer some of the questions I received about the light fixture before I moved on to anything else.

2011DSC_0111-2Jeremy Pickett Light Fixture, Painted Cabinets, Shore Kitchen.jpg

In case you missed it, Pickett Furniture created a custom light fixture for me after I couldn't seem to find the right thing. I departed from my usual bargain basement hunting and splurged on something very special for a few reasons. One, it was the centerpiece of the room. Two, it was a permanent choice - I won't be replacing it when we eventually renovate down the road. Three, it was something handmade by a craftsman rather than mass produced in a far off factory.


A lot of work went into this fixture. First Jeremy took some of my suggestions and made a multitude of sketches until it was just right. (click here to see more on that) After making a couple of paint selections, he came to meet me to show me color and sheen samples. (The winner was Benjamin Moore Evening Dove if you are curious.) All the while Jeremy kept me updated with snapshots of the fixture coming together.

Mock up of custom light frame @MRSLimestone on TwitpicCustom light for @MrsLimestone is painted and ready for wiring. on TwitpicAlmost ready! @MrsLimestone on Twitpic

Once Jeremy told us it was ready, I couldn't wait to get down there and see the finished product.


His studio happens to have an amazing view of the Statue of Liberty so bonus.


I have to tell you that having some completely custom made just for me was an incredibly fun experience. It was definitely more time consuming and expensive than picking something ready made but it was well worth it.

I hope that answers everyone's questions about how it went down. And I promise, no more of the shore kitchen until I finish those curtains!