Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hola Barcelona!

Last month we got to take a short but fabulous break in Barcelona. You might remember we visited Madrid last year and loved it. Everyone said Barcelona is even better but I had a hard time believing it...but now Im a convert.

Barcelona has a certain buzz that makes being a tourist there extra special. Everywhere you turn there is something wonderful to look at - the art, the people, the architecture, the history.

Enough babbling - here was our trip in photos.

2011DSC_0453Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg
2011DSC_0442Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0448Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0458Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0468Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0475Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0477Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0503Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0510Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0533Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0542Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0537Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0547Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011P1000902Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg

We also got to spend a day touring the surrounding areas and learning all about the life of Salvatore Dali.
2011P1000842Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011P1000848Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0558Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0602Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0575Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0626Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011P1000855Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0639Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011P1000862Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0684Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0720Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg2011DSC_0722Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpg

We had such a great time - 3 days in this city was definitely not enough!

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