Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Down Under Decisions

Its on like Donkey Kong. I'm just going to go ahead and break an unwritten rule I have by telling you about a trip I'm planning down under.


Since one of the most oft asked questions I get is about how we decide where to go next, it seemed like a worthy topic.

For someone in the northeast US, Australia tops a short list of far away places that are inticing so of course it occured to me to go there before. But last year is when I started really getting the fever ( you might remember this post where I got a of great suggestions from you). The hubs got looking at tickets and scored us some two roundtrip tickets usings miles. We had to plan WELL in advance to get such a goody but it was worth it. But now the trip is just a few months away, its time to get serious.

So what are the deets? Excluding flight time (which accounts for several days), we'll be on the continent a full 9 days. We've sorted out internal flights to spend 3 days in Melbourne, 3 days in Cairns and 3 days in Sydney. And thats about all I have right now. Not sure where to stay, what to do, where to shop, what to see. If you a regular reader of this blog you already know what I like to do: photograph interesting things, eat yummy food, shop in junk markets, see adorable animals, have unique experiences. I know Australia has way more than I can possibly do in just 9 days but I hope you'll help us narrow it down.

So if you know about amazing Australia, please chime in.