Thursday, March 10, 2011


Billabong jumper, Dorothy Shop skirt, Mango brooch, H! by Henry Holland boots

I realize that I'm very much a positive person, but there are times when I honestly feel like being taken for granted. I really don't know how to explain this, but I'm willing to try...:)

You see...the digital platform is on the rise, therefore digital players are reaping great benefits from this, including us bloggers. And because of this, bloggers are deemed to be effective marketing agents. It's great actually, as bloggers can blog while at the same time make a living. But you see, not every blogger blogs for the money. And not all bloggers treat their blogs as commodities. Or perhaps that's just me. I've been saying this over and over again, but this blog is my personal diary. It cannot be driven by such materials. I really feel offended if a company, brand or agency approaches me for some marketing campaign and forces me to accept the job while I am not comfortable with it. I do accept such jobs, but only when I find that the product or campaign is 1) relevant, 2) suits my view or liking, and 3) brings good values. Somehow, a thinking as simple as this is difficult to understand for some people, that rejecting such jobs makes it equivalent to being arrogant or snobbish, hence the label "blogger with attitude" - of course in a negative way. It enrages me when someone says to me, "Why is it so hard for you to accept our offer and just blog about us? We're offering you money, right?". But hey...this is my blog, not yours. So why am I getting slapped?

I reaaaaaaallly apologize if anything I have written above was inappropriate, or offended any of you who are reading this. I just had to let this out because it's been bugging me a lot. I'm sorry if it sounded arrogant, whining, or anything unpleasant. But thank you for reading! :)


PS: I loooooooove this t-shirt + fluffy skirt + sneakers combo from D&G...much fun!

(Pics courtesy of Kingdom of Style)