Monday, March 21, 2011

Childhood Times

Things that made me happy:

Kamiseta denim shorts, Dorothy Perkins tights, Up wedges

1) I finally found a watch I really really like! For all these times, I've seriously never picked my own watch or even bought a watch, since all the watches I've been wearing are always gifts either from my dad, mom or S. The watch I've finally fallen in love with & got on my own is this:

I just loooooove the combination of the white & gold's elegant yet casual yet formal yet fun. Got it from Urban Icon store at Grand Indonesia...yay!! :)

2) I went Hello-Kitty-shopping today! Yayyyyyyy!! I love Hello Kitty...period.

Mom was so nice to bear with my craze over this Hello Kitty shop we happened to pass by. It's so cute I felt like a princess...:D I bought a t-shirt and a (kid's) raincoat! Hahah..