Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things & Things

Things I've received but haven't got the chance to wear...

  1. Pink bow top from Snowbelle Butiq
  2. Ruffle cardigan from Pinky Couture
  3. Flower necklace from Allura by Nasya Marissa
  4. Velvet cape from Velvet
  5. Pillow cover from Qushi
  6. Dress from Things We Love
  7. T-shirt from C.P.E
Thank you so much, all! :)

Anyway, I really think "endurance" and "perseverance" are two qualities that we must own in order to be great. As a new entrepreneur, things are really really tough, so tough that most people would rather quit and go back work for a company and receive a stable income instead. But I wanna be a great entrepreneur, therefore must endure and persevere all this challenge.

*inhale, exhale*

Amin, insya Allah...:)