Friday, February 11, 2011

Steal this Idea*: Ghost Light Fixtures

Its Friday (yippee!) - time for another Steal this Idea* feature - a tiny show of appreciation for a well executed tutorial.

Today's spotlight is on Life in the Fun Lane which just so happens to be loaded with great ideas. For whatever reason I missed this goodie back when she first shared it more than 6 months ago. Its the kind of idea that just makes me wonder 'now why didn't I think of that?'. Simple, practical, impactful and cheap - all around clever.

Take one look at this...

Who hasn't run across a tired old lampshade that could use a new home? This idea could be used in a ton of ways - imagine a series of them in different shapes and sizes adorning a round entryway or how about strings of them in a barn? Details on how she did it can be found over at Life in the Fun Lane. Go check it out!

*When I say steal, I really mean borrow nicely and give proper credit!
**If you have an idea/tutorial you would like me to consider for a feature, email me. I'd love to see!