Monday, February 7, 2011

Shore files: Painted Countertops? Check.

If you remember my whiney post a while back about what I hate about the shore kitchen, you'll remember that one of the nastiest bits were countertops. Aside from being an overload of that dated blonde wood in here, the counters were stained with god knows what and no amount of scrubbing or sanding made a difference.

Eventually we are going to renovate in here but I'm not ready for that kind of investment just yet so I'm putting my mind to a few cheap and simple fixes that will make a difference.

You guys gave me a ton of great suggestions on how to improve the space but this post is about just one. Quinn suggested I paint the countertops. I didn't even realize you could paint countertops. But evidently they make a special paint just for this very thing. Hooray.


Hubs pulled off the metal trim and we sanded it down lightly. We taped off the walls and other parts we didn't want to get painted. The windows got opened wide because this stuff is pungent! And then roll, roll, roll, brush, brush, brush.

(It doesn't look so bad in this photo but take my word for it...nasty)

The paint is still wet - it takes 3 full days to cure - so we high tailed it out of there before the fumes damaged our brains forever. It looks so much cleaner now, I'm already feeling so much better about it. Granted, its never going to be a replacement for investing in beautiful counters but for $20, I was happy with the outcome. I can't wait to see what it looks like dry.

No clue how durable this will be but I'll report back on that over time.

And if you are wondering about the other projects I have coming in up here, there are a bunch. Im sure you remember that I'm having a fabulous light fixture made by the talented Jeremy Pickett. Its almost ready and I'm soooo excited about that. (More on that later) Now that little goodie is on its way, its time I clean up the rest of the joint so I want to paint the cabs, change the hardware and make some window treatments for the windows. Lots more work but spring will be here before I know it so I best get cracking.

Im undecided on what color to paint the cabs. White is the obvious answer but since its only a temporary thing Im thinking maybe I should go bolder? What do you think?