Thursday, February 17, 2011

Red Bananas

Personal updates...

Thrifted top, Velvet shorts, Dorothy Perkins tights, Antyk Butyk bracelet, Sukah clutches, Red Herring shoes

On spending most of my time at home: It feels good! Because I get to see & spend time with my parents a lot and monitor the selection of food they take in. And I can sleep 8 hours a day..;p

And oh, I also get to babysit & play with Keenan hihihi...

(At home, me eating fried choco banana)

Mom: "Can Keenan have some?"
Me: "Ahhh too bad, mom...just finished it."
Mom: "Can you make one more?"
Me: "Okay."

(After 10 minutes making another fried choco banana)

Mom: "Where is it?"
Me: "Where what?"
Mom: "The fried choco banana for Keenan."
Me: "Oh my God I ate it again."


On running my shoe line, Up, at Up is my baby, a business in which I pour all my love, care and thoughts feels great to be able work on something I genuinely believe has & brings good values. It's been 2,5 months already since it launched, and I am forever grateful for the great love you all show for Up. I am overwhelmed by the heavy flow of incoming orders since the first day it launched, that my production team and I are excited yet worried on how to fulfill everything on time given the current limited capacity. So if you happen to have ordered Up shoes and they haven't arrived yet, I truly truly apologize for the slightly late delivery, but I promise you that my team and I are working our best to settle our production process and capacity so that all your orders can be happily taken care of right on time in the near future, with the best quality we can offer you at such an affordable price. I see a big future for Up, insya Allah, and I really dream of making Up an international player. All your comments, complaints, they all mean a lot to me as it helps further improve Up...thank you!! :)

Current best-seller: STELLA red


On having random feelings lately: I think I was just being sentimental the past few days...;p


Btw, these are lovely.