Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ice Cream Pop-Ups

I love love love Magnum ice cream. In fact, my family is a HUGE fan of Magnum.

There was this one time when I said to S, "you know, Magnum's Belgian chocolate is so good, they should actually just open an ice cream restaurant and serve Magnum-based desserts". And guess what? THEY DID! Ha!!

Today was the opening of Magnum Cafe at Grand Indonesia, 5th floor, and I got invited to experience the whole new Magnum concept. The place was gorgeous. And cozy. And nice. They had waffles, desserts, small bites and even drinks made out of Magnum ice cream. YUM.

I have no idea who this guy isMy Anjani wedges

This place is brilliant. And good. It's a pop-up cafe though, meaning it's not permanent, and will only be present for 3 months. You guys better try while it's there! :)