Monday, February 21, 2011

Flashback: Baby Bird Bridal Shower

Now that blogging is so integral in my daily routine, sometimes its hard to remember that I had a life before I had a blog. I just happened to be going through some 'older' photos and found this baby shower I threw nearly 4 years ago for my closest friend. (If you want to see another baby shower, check out this entertaining flashback post).

The party was a simple brunch held in May of 2007. The colors were black and white and blue with a loose concept of using baby birds as a tie in.

I created a simple invitation with a tiny detail (that turned my house into a giant feather mess) of some furry feathers trim peeking out at the top. That lead to my discovery that feather wreathes are incredibly easy to make.

Feather Invitation - CleanFeather Wreath from below

Followed by some mixed centerpieces of white branches with little birds perched randomly.

FeatherCenterpieceswithoutbranchesbird on branch and feather centerpiece

It was held in a church hall - something very common in most parts of the country but very unusual here - we usually host showers at restaurants.


The mother-to-be didn't want to do the usual gift opening bits (hooray!) so I had to come up with some other forms of entertainment. So I created a grown up paint by number activity - it seemed to go over well. At least I enjoyed painting them :)


Oh and let's not forget the station for giving advice to the new mom and dad. I wonder how that worked out?


I whipped up a pretty blue punch to serve in place of cocktails.


A light lunch was on offer with a sweet finish of a cookie + milk bar, complete with custom printed bags that had various quotes about family on each.

cookie bar

Before the soiree was over, everyone got to take home a little black and white photo album as a keepsake.


There were a few other details I must have never had a chance to photograph that I wish I could share but I was much more lax in my photo documentation pre blog days.

Hope you've enjoyed the stroll down memory lane.