Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Zoo of The Liliputians

I love things that are either really edgy or really simple, really big or really small. These necklaces with such tiny animal pendants from Go Jewellery are one of those "really small" things that caught my heart. I got myself the elephant and unicorn...;p Yay!! :)

Bittra & Starr top, Dhievine skirt, Go Jewellery necklaces, mom's belt, unbranded hat & shoes

An interesting thing about these necklaces is that they are named after people who have made a difference in the designer's life...the elephant I got is named Cyrus, and the unicorn is Clara...to Cyrus & Clara, you guys are so lucky! :) I find this a very sweet thing to do, I think I'll do it with Up as well! Do you agree, Captain Keenan? :)