Monday, January 17, 2011

Special Series: Junk Drawer Overhaul

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how I keep my house organized. This question is usually followed by lots of belly laughs on my part. Why? Because I am one of the most disorganized people you can imagine. I never know where I put anything and spend loads of time looking for items I just had in my hand. In other words, I keep my messy side hidden.

I always figured no one would want to see the inside of my drawers* and cupboards because it ain't pretty But then I had an idea. What if I came out of the closet on this issue and brought some of my favorite and most stylish bloggers with me? Just a little peek at our secret shame that we hide away from our blog readers. I know I'm kind of curious at what other bloggers keep in their junk drawers so off I went recruiting.


Junk Drawer Overhaul is born. I'll kick it off with a reveal of my mess tommorrow followed by a series of seriously talented, fabulous bloggers who shared their messy (and in some cases, not so messy) little crannies.

Huge thanks Young House Love, Centsational Girl, House of Brinson, Honey We're Home, Stories of A2Z, So Haute, Simply Grove, Making it Lovely, Thrify Decor Chick and Tatertots & Jello for participating. And if you'd like to a junk overhaul, drop me a line or leave a link back to your blog in the comments.

*I plan on skipping all the dirty puns and doube entendres that the words 'junk' and 'drawers' conjure up in my own sick little mind but feel free to go hog wild at your keyboard.