Thursday, January 13, 2011

New tool

One of the pretty boxes under my tree this Christmas had one of these bad boys in it.

A desktop die cutting machine without the limitations of stock designs. Huzzah.

I'm not a scrapbooking person so I usually just skip that aisle at the crafts store but I had been seeing this machine all over the blogs and wanted one. I put it on my Christmas list and Mr. L bought it for me. (In case you were wondering, I wasn't one of the chosen few to get a free machine - we had to shell out for it retail.)

Now I have it and my head is swimming with projects to give a go. Just have to find some time to get to them But until I have something to show, I thought I'd share some really cool projects I ran across on other blogs while I was researching it.

Little Birdie Secrets decked out her kitchen aid mixer.

Under the Table & Dreaming made geometric paper luminaries

TidyMom etched a footed glass bowl

Anyone else have one of these and do other non scrapbooky projects with it? I'd love to see.