Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More of the white stuff.

I think after yesterdays post, I have confused everyone into thinking I was depressed or bored. I didn't mean it that way. I'm just having trouble not having any big goals in my sights. I'll adjust but it was just one of those rare pensive posts that I obviously misworded. In any case, thank you very much for the concern and suggestions.

Yesterday we got another 9 inches of snow. Much less than was predicted by some but still too much for my taste. Its only January and I'm already so sick of the white stuff. Spring, hurry soon.

It may not seem like I have too much going on from my lack of exciting new project posts but I promise I do.

For one thing I'm working on planning a bridal shower for a wonderful bride to be later this year. Finding a space that fits in the tiny budget and is not hideous and fits the bill for a large party is becoming an all consuming task. Hopefully once I have that out of the way, the fun projects can begin.

On the home front I'm trying to finagle my brother into helping me paint the shore kitchen on a free weekend. Add that to sewing some drapes and a few other projects for the beach, I hope to have lots to show you soon.

Mr. L's man room is in serious sad shape. I just have to do something presentable down there in 2011.

There are always a few small tweaks I want to make to the limestone. A DIY shade in the box room, accessorizing the living room. That kind of thing.

And of course I'm excited about the travel we have planned for this year. I've already mapped out every last vacation day in 2011.

More in the near future I have an organization series I'm really excited about where I'll share some of my secret mess along with loads of other fabulous bloggers who agreed to do it with me.

See, I told you I wasn't bored. If only I had more time to tackle the things I want to accomplish. That pesky day job always gets in the way.