Thursday, January 20, 2011

Junk Drawer Overhaul: Susan's Style Stash

Today's special visitor is Susan Brinson, better known to the world as one half of House of Brinson. Their blog is a feast for the eyes and a threat to the diet (the Mr. is a food photographer) that defies succint description. If you haven't been, you absolutely must visit. Now on with the post.


My secret junk drawer is my bedroom side table for sure. Most people think, bedroom, strange place for a junk drawer. For me, the stuff in there is just thrown in before company comes over or when I am in a rush to tidy up. The rest of our loft we consider 'public' space because Will uses it for work. We have food stylists using our kitchen and Will's assistants in the office and storage closet. We are generally pretty neat and organized, except our bedroom.


So let's talk junk. This is my junk: nail polish, cream, a million lip balms (why I have so many who knows) and strange stuff I just don't know how it got there. So I decided to take a few re-orging steps:

- Take out what doesn't belong there and put it away!
- Put the items I do need into categories
- Decide how to organize the items in the categories above


For the finished drawer, I decided to line the drawer. I have vintage furniture, and it is not the nicest. So why not make it pretty with fabric? I also do not have much color in our loft, so this is a great place to have 'secret' color.

- Lined drawer with scrap fabric and cardboard
- Made two bags, one for the hand stuff like nail polish, emory boards, etc
- The second bag is for odd stuff I need by my bedside table, like lavender oil (repels bugs in the spring and summer)
- A new, smaller notebook for late night inspiration



Thanks to Susan for letting us take a peak. To see and read more about her and her stylist life, stop by House of Brinson.