Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Junk Drawer Overhaul: Me first

Since I was asking everyone else to share their ugly side, its only fair I did the same. As I've mentioned I'm absolutely terrible at organization. I try, I really do but it always seems to get the best of me. Case in point, the four drawers in my shelving unit. They look pretty harmless when closed.


But check out the mess lurking inside.

I pulled everything out and found so much random stuff - loads that doesn't belong here or went into the trash.

After I had throw so much away it wasn't too hard to put it all back neatly but let's face facts: there was zero chance I'd keep it that way. So I thought about how I could encourage myself to keep it neat.


Out came the Casablanca from Cutting Edge Stencils (ordered for an entirely different project I'm saving til later this year) and some thin pieces of wood cut to size. Not only was it a good way for me to practice the stenciling technique but having a pretty pattern would encourage me to keep organized so I could see through the bottom. Two birds, one stone - hooray.

I used my new favorite shade of paint - a mix of navy and teal called Plummage by Martha Stewart.

Check it out now.

The used a white plastic organizing tray I had laying around as well as some old teacups I had leftover from another project. (I'll probably add more teacups as I find them.)


I'll keep my fingers crossed that my messy side doesn't take over again but for now this method seems to be working.