Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Junk Drawer Overhaul: Kirsten's Everything Drawer

If you are a much of a fan of uber talented Kirsten of Simply Grove as I am, you will no doubt be curious to see what her messy side looks like. Yes, even in her amazingly gorgeous home, there is a drawer filled with stuff that never seems to find its way home. And it thrills me to no end to see that she has the same sort of issue I have! Let's take a look.

Thank you so much Stefanie, for asking me to be apart of this series. I am half embarrassed and half excited because it forced me to clean this CRAZY MESSY drawer.

The drawer belongs in my kitchen. Its a catch ALL drawer. It collects my junk, husbands junk and the kids junk. If we are in a hurry to clean, we dump everything in "the drawer". If I am tired of looking at a screw driver sitting on the counter, I stick it in "the drawer".
Its a sickness!! A junk sickness!! I clean it every 6 months and within 1 week, it is back to its chaotic stage.

I tackled cleaning it out last week by first emptying it completely. I then started making specific piles. A tool pile, toy pile, stationary pile ect. Since most everything has a place in the house, I returned the specific items to their "real" homes.


Once they returned, the drawer was almost empty. So now what?? I am in stage 2 of this drawer dilemma with figuring out what really belongs there. For now it is storing my most needed tools that I am not in the mood to go fetch in the garage. There, you saw it, and now I feel better!!

If there is a chance you haven't oogled at Simply Grove before, don't let this bit of a mess fool you - her home and work is stunning. Check it out.