Thursday, January 27, 2011

Junk Drawer Overhaul: Chargers Made Lovely

Today I'm so happy to have Nicole of Making it Lovely share a clever little junk organizing idea. Nicole's blog was one of the very first I frequented and admired way back when I discovered this little underworld of blogging so when she agreed to participate in the series, I was so excited. Her blog is a source of constant inspiration.


Brandon and I tend to charge our cell phones (and miscellaneous other devices) in the kitchen. That's fine, except I hated seeing the chargers sitting out all the time.

We could have tucked them into a drawer, but we didn't really have any more room in any of them. Besides, does the 'junk drawer' really need any more junk? Then I looked over at the empty canister sitting on the other side of the kitchen. Aha!

There's a power strip directly above the canister, so it's actually a better place to plug our devices into than the other outlet we were using. Then we just tuck the charger and the cord back into the canister until we need it next time. Perfect.