Thursday, January 6, 2011

Him & His Lessons

The one thing that my boyfriend loves to talk about non-stop is gadgets. Gadgets, technology, the softwares, stuff like that, ALL THE TIME. I gotta be honest that my mind is rarely 100% on him when he's talking about these, but I do get his points most of the time hehehe....;p

One that I really remember though, is his thoughts toward softwares. He taught me the value of buying original softwares instead of pirated ones, which is that it allows you to appreciate the idea of the making, the final-product itself and the process in between. Gadgets and the technology they carry are masterworks. Being masterworks, they become something you put high value in, that you are willing to wait and save until you are finally able to afford and enjoy the piece. So there's the art and beauty of the long wait itself, moreover the end-product. And when you buy (for instance) a software, you buy it because you will really use it and you are keen on exploring all the features it offers, therefore paying the hefty amount of money is equal to the function it brings into our lives. The way I see the way he sees it (that sounded cute ;p), a software is something we should carefully study and think about before buying. Because (original) softwares are expensive, we should do an extensive research before deciding which software will be most useful in accommodating our needs. So it's not like "just buy all (pirated ones) and we'll see which one is good (since they're cheap anyway)".

So yeah, I learned that from him, and I'm trying my best to apply that even to other areas, such as not buying pirated CDs anymore. It's hard, yes? But even the hardest things are worth a try, and a START.

Let's try to start a 100% original life...