Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Google Blogger Review: My Experience

My experience using Google's Blogger has been pleasant. Everything is made easy and you can do pretty much anything you want on your site. They allow so many useful features and tools that helped me enhance my readers and my own experience using the site. However, there is just one thing that would make Blogger perfect and I think most Bloggers will agree with me...WE NEED AN EASIER WAY TO INTEGRATE FLASH WITHIN OUT WEBSITES! I'm actually surprised that Google doesn't allow this wonderful feature. It is possible to use flash with Blogger, it's just difficult. First you have to find a website that you can host your flash (.swf) file on, many of which are just a waste of time and do not work. Then, assuming your upload is successful, you need an embed code which you need to replace URL addresses with your flash file's and set the dimensions of the file. Fun right? Once you have pasted the seemingly perfect code into your post, you find out that the file does one of the following things or all of them: doesn't load, takes forever to load, doesn't auto-play, doesn't loop. With out much knowledge of html and embed codes, this can be a nightmare. Again, I am overall very satisfied with Blogger, just want easier flash integration.

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