Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fossil Plays Guitar

Today's question would be, "where have I been?"...:D

I've always associated the brand Fossil with watches, and never did I realize that there's more! The whole day I was in Senayan City and I just randomly dropped by this shopped called Urban Icon which apparently sold Fossil watches aaaaaaand handbags? And wallets? Haaaaaaa I just knew Fossil handbags and wallets are so cuuuute! Long live vintage!

I spent like an hour inside the shop trying almost all the handbags, then checked each and every wallet they had hehehe...poor salesman. But he was reaaaaally nice, really. Thanks, good-looking salesman! I decided to get this embroidered handbag, and keep a pink long-wallet as my February to-buy item hehehe...

I looooove things which are fact, embroideries are among the five things that can make me fall for an item...

Anyways, here's a sneak peek of what's inside my I carry quite a lot of items on a daily basis, the big Fossil bag should be useful.

Envelope-like wallet, Rayban sunglasses, Nokia X5 handphone, Body Shop body spray, Xylitol mint chewing gums, Next pouch, unbranded specs, comb, Love Earth shopper bag, Samsung CDMA phone, L.A.M.B for Le Sportsac pouch, random earrings, Hello Kitty BB charger, Blackberry Bold

Furthermore...what's inside the Next pouch...

Small mirror, Mickey Mouse hairclips, hairbands, headband, Body Shop lipbalm, pen drives, love promise ring

..and what's inside this pouch...

Christian Dior lipstick, YSL lipstick, Elizabeth Arden lisptick, various medicines, bobby pins, dental floss

And errr..have I ever told you that I used to have a band named Fossil back in high school? No kidding, peeps...:D

I guess I'm a Fossil-meant-to-be. Good night! :)