Monday, January 10, 2011

Confessions Of A Blogger

If I were to choose today's "Question of The Day", I guess it would be this one which was raised by a very friendly lady I met today;

"Do you ever feel pressurized ever since your blog got famous?"

I answered with a smile, and a low voice of "yes"...:)

The interesting part about blogging, for me, is that it started off with the thought of diary-ing. Ever since I was a kid, I used to buy Hello Kitty diaries and write down about my day in it; what I did, where I went, what I ate. It's just a part of me that enjoys keeping daily stories as memories. And so the diary itself went virtual at one point of time, that my diary is now no longer called a "diary", but a "blog". So my blog is my virtual diary.

I just wrote, took pictures, reviewed products, shared my favorite songs, and I was so much enjoying it that I never put any thinking of what I was doing and where it was taking me to. It was simply a medium of expression, and it still is. But then I am just very lucky, that people, including you, have the kindness to drop by and actually read whatever I have put up on my blog. And so I am grateful...:)

As much as I would never want to claim my blog 'famous', I do realize that there are quite a lot of people who read my blog, and therefore the diary is shared. And I guess this is where the pressure comes. The pressure arrives when high expectations are set, and every word I write is analyzed. I have to think twice, even thrice, before writing a post, because I am scared of what kind of responses it might invite. Some readers would be extremely nice providing me supportive & heartwarming comments, whilst ones who don't fancy me would take my words or photos as a presentation of a snob, a weirdo, an attention seeker, a fashion failure. I am aware that this is the risk of making your diary public, hence also a responsibility for me to ensure I do not blog about anything that might have a bad influence towards others. But then it requires a very big heart to accept all the consequences and move forward by remaining true to yourself, and that big heart can sometimes shrink though eventually enlarges back. I am who I am, and I can never accommodate everyone's liking. There will always be a group of people who does not like me with or without any reason, and there will always be another who expects me to be what they expect. In between, there are people who just kindly accepts me for who I am. I have my utmost respect to all of you, whichever group you fall into. And I am so grateful to have you all around me, as it teaches me a lot to become a strong person...:)

I'm just a Diana, who loves shoes, clothes, doing business, writing, trying new things. If I become known because of it and because of this blog, I really don't know what happened, but I will always remain the person I have always been. This post is one of my ways to let go of that pressure I might have been feeling once in a while, as I am writing this out of genuine feelings. I've made a promise to myself that this blog will always remain a diary, that will not be fabricated or commercialized..:)

Here's to you and me and everyone around us! We might love or hate each other, but even haters have room for love. Cheers! :)

My "Earthy Love" photos for Bloop Endorse is in Go Girl! January issue...yay!! :)