Saturday, January 22, 2011


"Diana....what do you mean by 'let go'?"

I believe I'm pretty much a 'let go' person. I let go of anything that hurts me, anyone who saddens me, any excess that troubles me. I live my life without carrying an extra baggage, and walk on with just what I essentially need.

I think this trait can be clearly seen in how my wardrobe never grows bigger, and my closet has remained the same size since years ago. I educate myself to let go of the old clothes I have, pass it on to someone who might need it more, and replace them with new ones. I only keep very few clothes which I really really really love. Otherwise, they are handed down, or go into garage-sales.

Same goes to furniture, shoes, artworks, cards. And people. As much as I love meeting new people and making friends with them, I filter out those who I know do not benefit my life in any way. This does not mean I am picky. I am selective. Being picky sounds more negative, somehow implying that we choose only to make friends with people that share the same social status, education level, religion, or race. And I don't. I do, however, select people who I know do not carry a bad influence, and bring positive energy for me in any possible way.

In life, there will always be things, or people, that make us cry, that betray us, that steal from us, that make us wanna kill ourselves at a certain point of time. But let go. Let go of the anger, the grudge, and any intention for revenge. Let go and see the bigger picture. An unhappy moment in life, is just another moment among other moments to come. Let go and move on.

And let go of the people who hurt you. They are toxic. It's nice to be nice, but it's wiser to be wise. I believe God taught us to be nice to people, but God never told us to please everyone we know. We have the right to do the right thing. And as the owner of our own life, we know what's right for us.

And clothes. They're just clothes. Pass them down. Buy new ones. They just wrap the outside. They do not feed our soul.