Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blue in the Bathroom

Over the holiday break, I did get one home related task accomplished. I've been meaning to add some little touches to the parlor bathroom for ages and I finally had a chance to get around to it.

If you want a refresher of what this room looked like before we renovated, check it out here. Last year I finally added some of my photos over the tub and I was really happy with that how looked but it still needed a little more oomph.

After finding this fun patterned rug at Target, I picked up some candles, a cheap tub caddy, and mini vases to complete the look.


Nothing earth shattering but it looks a lot more finished to my eye now, not to mention the tub caddy being really useful when taking a bath. I really like how it looks a little more lived in now. What do you think?