Monday, December 6, 2010

Silver + Gold Dining Room Wreath

I'm back! Did you miss me? Huge thanks to the wonderful ladies who guest posted for me last week. If you missed them, check them out here.


I started holiday decorating this weekend. Mr. Limestone put up the tree - its a fake one but Im kind of sold on the ease and perfect spacing of lights. The down part of the wonderful evergreen smell is missing. That problem is solved thanks to a few well placed fresh wreaths. On Saturday, the FED EX man came with a box from Green Valley Christmas Trees and I got to work decorating one for the dining room.

Spoons copyLetters SparklyPicksLettersonWreath2

You know I have a love affair with mixing silver and gold right? So naturally that's where I went. First I took some of the mismatched flatware and strung that up to the wreath. Then I pulled apart some 50% off glittery picks from Michaels and tucked them between the greens. Finally, I glittered some scrapbooking letters to spell out 'ENJOY' and hung on the mirror in the dining room.


Still have a lot more decorating to do to get the house Christmas dinner ready but I have to admit, I kind of love how this turned out.

Have you gotten crafty with your holiday decorating? I wanna see!