Monday, December 13, 2010

Mr. Hot Dog in Bessemer - Lunch with Cousin Cliff

Not only did I have lunch with Cousin Cliff (not to mention Popeye), but this was right next door to Big Mama!

Yes, you guessed it, I had lunch at Mr. Hot Dog in downtown Bessemer with Cousin Cliff keeping watch over my table.

Mr. Hot Dog is a long time hot dog server located within a half block of the Bright Star in Bessemer. Talk about competition…. Wow. I was alone on this visit. There were 7 of us from my office who were in Bessemer on this day, but I alone went for hot dogs rather than going to the Bright Star. As I look back I remember my conversation with Mr. Hot Dog himself; as we talked he asked me how I came to start the hot dog tour. I responded; “I guess I’m just crazy”. Maybe the fact that I passed up going to the Bright Star is a confirmation of that. Oh well.

Regarding Mr. Hot Dog, if you need a quick easy lunch while in Bessemer, this is the place. I enjoyed the various pictures on the wall which featured various reminders of past decades.

Can one eat too many hot dogs?

My precious wife, a survivor of colon cancer, expressed her concern for my repeated hot dog lunches. Friday night I looked back at the last eight days and saw that I have had hot dogs for lunch five out of those last eight days. I can’t argue that this might be a little over the top. Accordingly my consumption of “tube steaks” might be reduced a little in coming days.

There is this urban legend that you don’t want to see hot dogs being made. I have watched a video on that topic and it didn’t discourage me. Take a look.