Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ho Ho Ho and Xs and Os: Our Christmas Card

So you already know we do things a little differently for our Christmas cards. We send out a small surprise along with the greeting - from dish towels to pez dispensers to lotto tickets - we like to mix it up. I start thinking up ideas long before it gets cold (and if you are wondering, I already have an idea for next year!) Despite having it all mapped out in my mind forever, I seem to wait until the last possible minute to get going on them each year. I guess I like to torture myself.


Thankfully they are finally finished so its time to share.


As you can see, we attached my favorite lip balm to a card that reads:

Be Ready
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and
many tender moments under the mistletoe
this year and forever.
Stefanie and Luke

I don't know about you but winter means loading up the chapstick and having it everywhere. A tube in my purse, my nightstand, the junk drawer, my coat pocket, etc. So I thought this was the perfect little practical item to find in the mailbox.

*please note I am in no way connected with softlips and haven't received anything from them - I just am really addicted to their product.