Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Diana.

I'm 26 years old! Woah. Usually I have a lot to say during my birthday, but this time I am rather short of words. All I can say is that I am very, very thankful to Allah for blessing me with so much happiness, and by happiness, that includes sadness as well. Being sad is an element of happiness, you know? :)

Dear Allah,

Thank you for allowing me to have a wonderful relationship with and support from my parents. Thank you for keeping me strong during my long-distance relationship with S, and bringing him close to me this year. I guess we should tie the knot soon, don't You think? (code for S). Thank you for all the friends you bring into my life, I am glad that my number of friends always keep increasing. Thank you for giving me the strength and patience in responding to all the challenges I had to face. Thank you for all the opportunities given, because of You I finally had the courage to do what I have been wanting to do. Thank you for keeping everyone I love healthy, including myself as well. And thank you for Up. This is a start to a new life at a new age. I love You.

Dear readers,

Thank you for having been with me, virtually and in real life, since the very first time I blogged. It's been 3,5 years already! I actually feel that I have grown with you guys. Your comments, your emails, your never-ending support, are what have driven me to become the person I am today. It's funny how life gets around, but I am glad you were all there with me. I hope I have been a good person for you all, and I also hope I have contributed a part in your life. Together we are strong...:)

So I guess that's it. No matter the number, I am forever young. Happy birthday, me! :)