Thursday, December 23, 2010

Essential Loves

Thank you so much for the kind birthday wishes, everyone! I had a lovely day and your prayers certainly played a significant part...I somehow still can't believe I'm 26 though hahah! :D

Bloop dress, custom made shirt, Bershka stripe tights, Beatnik necklace, Moozee bag, June & Julia heels

Anyway, here's how my first day of being a year older went...;p

1) Woke up, ran downstairs and told everyone it's my birthday. This is what I do every year during my birthday heheh..."Moooommm daaaddd it's my birthdaaaayy! Cacaaaaaang (our driver) it's my birthdaaaayyyy! "Bibiiiiii (our domestic helper) it's my birthdaaaaaaayyy!" (you get the picture, right? ;p). Moving on, checked your Up orders & sent them off...:)

2) Received a lovely bag from Moozee...I looooved it so much I decided to wear it directly today! Hahah...

3) Had a small, simple birthday lunch with my mom and dad by having pizza delivered to our house hehehe...Keenan, my nephew, also joined us! :D

4) Went to One Piece hair studio (which belongs to the same group with Shunji Matsuo) for a scalp treatment...yay! :)

5) Got a birthday dinner surprise from S and guys are sooooo sweet! I really didn't see this coming...:) Thank you for the surprise, the dinner, the gifts...I love you, all! :)

6) Reached home and got even more surprised with a birthday gift from Ami The's sooooooo lovely I'll share with you guys what was inside it tomorrow...thank you so much, Ami! :)

So that's it! The first day of being 26 hehehe...I pray to Allah for a blissful, meaningful year ahead...amin...:)

Good night, peeps! :)

PS: I love you,'re the best...:)