Friday, December 10, 2010

Deb’s Hot Dog’s in Bessemer

Our efforts to visit every hot dog server in the Birmingham area has become a little harder. I have a list of these places that includes areas around town that would require over an hour of travel time for a round trip to lunch.

This week my work is making it necessary for me to be in Bessemer for two days. I am taking advantage of this to have lunch at two hot dog servers in Bessemer. The first one I visited was Deb’s Hot Dogs, the second was Mr. Hot Dog (look for the next post).

Deb’s is a small white building that is easy to miss. We had good directions and still missed it on the first pass. Once we were there we found a down home atmosphere with a loyal following. For these visits Robert wasn’t with me but when I went to Deb’s I was accompanied by 3 people who work with me.

Our experience at Deb‘s was very good. None of these guys had been on a hot dog tour visit with me prior to this visit. They really got into the experience giving it somewhat of a party atmosphere. Even the food was good. After all, that’s what this is all about.

We all enjoyed our hot dogs and sides. The dogs at Deb’s are predictable hot dogs, very typical of the hot dog servers in our area. Interestingly when I told Deb about the blog she asked me; “Did I pass?” She most definitely “passed”; this place is a good place to stop when you are in Bessemer.