Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Batik Kitty Brothers

This is cool! Batik couple t-shirt from Giffa...thank you sooooo much! Now before I give the left one to S, let me wear it first..;p

Anyways, look what Arin got me for my birthday...a Hello Kitty BB charger! So cuuuuuute hihih...:)

I've been spending my days taking Abbas & Sani around Jakarta...I'm so happy to see Sharjeel happy having his best friends here...nothing beats their friendship, really...:')

They're all wearing Quiksilver..such cute guys :D

Aannnddd mmmmm I don't know whether I should be telling you guys about this cuz I'm really shy, but I actually got called by an agency for a beverage advertisement audition...it's funny how my first response was "confused". Yes, I'm seriously confused why anyone would be interested in me hahaha...but I went for it anyway today, and I pretty much think I embarrassed myself...I'm no advertisement material...but who knows! :D

One more thing: I. LOVE. WILLOW SMITH. I'm officially a fan...:)