Monday, December 27, 2010

Baby, its cold outside.

Due to the insane amount of snow in NYC today, I'm trapped at home against my will. (I actually had to cancel an appointment I was really looking forward to!)

this is the second and third floor! i dont even want to venture to the first.

I'm happy to report Christmas went off without a hitch and a good time was had by all. (at least by me) I am the worlds worst photographer when it comes to shooting during a party - I prefer to enjoy rather than snap away - so I dont have much to share except this quick family portrait (one of is partaking against his will - can you guess which?) and a few food photos.
If you are wondering, I made the eggnog cake recommended by Amy and it was a big hit. (Its the igloo one). The angel food cake didn't go over so well - I dont think I made it right. Chocolate cheesecake and truffles were shared by my brothers girlfriend who is a fabulous baker.

Santa brought me a ton of fabulous gifts that Im excited to put to use and share on the blog.

Other than that, its going to be a very lazy day stuck inside. What are you doing today?