Monday, December 6, 2010

Alec & Keenan

Today's note:

1) Got invited by the U.S. Embassy to meet Alec Ross today...I feel so lucky! And honored! It was a very quick meeting, so there isn't really much to share here...and too bad I was too shy to take a picture with him hehe...

2) Someone said I'm "mentally-ill" for the way I dress. Woahh. There's clearly a big difference between "being artsy, playful and expressive", and "mentally-ill". And the latter itself is an illness, you know? So saying that is really inappropriate. Nevertheless, everyone has their own opinions, yes? I'm really comfortable with myself, and that makes me happy hihihi...

Roxy stripe shirt, Atmosphere blazer, DR for Bloop Endorse faux-leather shorts, L.A.M.B boots

3) My Up business cards are here...yayyy! Ordered them from (again) always, good-quality printing, all communications can be done via email only, and super fast delivery as well! :)

4) Became Keenan's babysitter for half a day...I loooooooove my nephew! Muahh!!! He's 1 year old btw...:)