Thursday, November 4, 2010

What you didn't see on TV.

If you saw us hanging with Nate yesterday (yea, thats right - we are on a first name basis with him now!) you got to see our master bedroom. For legal reasons I won't even try to explain but I'm sure are legit, there were things they couldn't show on air. As luck would have it, they are the very reasons I picked that room to talk about in the first place. So instead of sharing on the show, I'll give you a little more of a peek at the space. This stuff is nothing new to long time readers of the blog but in case you are new here, I wanted to share.

To refresh, a look at the before. Take my word for it, this looks a lot more charming in person than it did in reality.

Master Bedroom Before

And now...
Sharp shooters may notice that I have once again changed the bedding. This one was from Restoration Hardware. Guess what? I returned this set too! This makes bedding set #4 I've purchased and returned. The hunt for a simple but plush gray comforter continues.

You already saw the headboard, the frame around the tv and the nightstand.

So what didn't you see on the Nate show?

Mostly the artwork. Ok, I realize they are not masterpieces but they are mine. These are my little personal brands on this room - so I'm kind of partial to them.


Starting with the collages I designed using WWII era photographs and ephmera. They are hung over a vintage chair I scored for $80. (It could use a fresh upholstery job but Im too cheap to spring for that right now) And that little pillow was sewn by moi.


They did show a glimpse of the painting I shakily attempted but here is another look. On the dresser sits a couple of photographs taken on two of our favorite trips Paris and Poland along with the busted bust of a greek goddess.


And lastly the do not disturb sign we shamefully lifted as a souvenir of my 30th birthday trip.

So there you have it. The whole shebang. Now if I could just find that perfect comforter!

PS: I should also mention that you missed out on Mr. L’s banter about removing the tiles in the upstairs bathroom that were used for the kitchen backsplash and some other tidbits that ended up on the editing room floor.